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JiangYinShi HongDa METEA CO.,LTD.Jiangyin is located in the center of Changjiang Delta, as well as the center of Changjiang Delta Economic Area which is one of the top 3 famous economic areas in China. In the ancient times, Jiangyin served as an important traffic hub in water transport and highway transport, to its north is Changjiang River and there is a big bridge over the river linking up the south and north. It is also a region of rivers and lakes south of the Yangtze River featuring a gathering of talents. Jiangyin City Hongda Meter Co, Ltd. is located in Jiangyin City Shengang Industrial Park.Established in 1994, the company covers an area of 19, 200 square meters, the floorage of the workshop, storage and office areas  being  over  10,000  square  meters,  and  owns  a  management  team  made  up  of  professional,  technical  and  management  personnel.  The  company  has  passed  the  GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 international  quality  system  certification  and  mainly  produces  various  types  of  complete  sets  of  throttling devices and equipment, which are used by nuclear power stations, thermal power plants, metallurgical industry,  chemical industry, textile industry, etc. In recent years, the products have been constantly adopted by key projects both at home and abroad.
In recent years, the products have been constantly adopted by key projects both at home and abroad. Nuclear industry such as  Tianwan, Jiangsu Nuclear Power Plant Project Unit-1 and Unit-2, Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Project Unit-2、Unit-3 and Unit-4.AP1000三门、海阳核电站1#、2#机组、华龙一号巴基斯坦卡拉奇核电站K2、K3 100MW机组; Electric Power industry such as Shazhou,Jiangsu Power Co, Ltd(2×600MW) and Lanxi, Zhejiang Power Generation Plant (4×600MW)of  Zhejiang Energy and Yuedian, Guangdong Power Plant(2×600MW) of Huilai and Teiling Power Generation Ltd.(2×600MW)of  Liaoning  such  as  hundreds  of  600MW,300MW  unit;  metallurgical  industry  such  as  Baosteel  Group,  Shagang  Group;  Petrification  industry such as Wujing, Shanghai Chemical Group, Yangzi Petrochemical Group; Export project such as Zhongzhuawa Power Plant of 2×300MW  in Indonesia, Lanco Amarkantak Thermal Power Station 2×300MW, my company has been awarded by Iran, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries more than one item.
Throttling  devices  produced  by  the  company  includes  serial  standard  orifice  plate,  ISA1932 injection  nozzle,  combined  type  ribbon  width  injection  nozzle  and  classical  Venturi  tube  with  angle  joint  pressure  measurement,  flange  pressure  measurement  and  D-D/2  span pressure measurement. The company's products have reached national standard GB/T2624-93 of China and ISO5167-91 international standard. The company also produces over 40 categories, over 1000 specifications of throttling devices including air  quantity  measuring  device  with  HLGJT  type  three  curve  lines  aerofoil  style,  HLGST  type  double  Venturis  flow  meter,  circline orifice plate, segment orifice plate, builtin orifice plate and 1/4 round spay nozzle. The pipe diameter ranges from DN10 to 6000mm; the  pressure ranges from PNO.01 to 32Mpa; the temperature ranges from -260℃ to +550℃. The company also provides accessories including condensing apparatus, balancer, isolator, precipitator and gas collector.
In the past over ten years, through much efforts, the company has received extensive praises from the market, with high quality  products, fine credit and complete service, and has become best cooperation partner of many domestic design academies and  projects. We have always adhered to the principle of "exquisite workmanship, offering first-class service", depending on brands to shape good image, relying on quality and service to make profits and set up our own complete production and management and  sales systems, and strive to set our own banner in the intensive survival competitiveness